About Us

CAD Designing Syndicate

is a full service group of individuals, (IC) Independent Contractors, offering a wide range of production services and tools to assist the architects, designers, general contractors and manufacturers, real estate professional and related trades.

We have over 20 years expierence worked extensively with NYC prime Architects, Interior Designers, Engineers, Facilities Managers, Space Planners, Landscape Architect, High-end General Contractors, Builders, Manufacturers, Vendors, Real Estate Brokers, Building Managers and Owners, on multi million dollars Manhattan and Long Island Projects and all over the U.S

To insure the high quality of our product and reflecting our dedication to excellence, we have gathered a staff of professionals with diversified skills and knowledge of construction documents and computer assisted drafting and design.

Few of our projects have been posted in  Architectural Digest Magazine.

We are experts & highly conscientious, stable, dependable, detail-oriented team. Check our portfolio and some work examples.

We have architects/designers/engineers/surveyors that are available to sit with you, answer your questions, and work out your ideas.

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CAD Designing Syndicate

Drafting Standards

provides detailing and drafting services, along with consulting and assisting services for Manufactures, General Contractors, Architects and Engineers throughout each phase of the project.

We believe in an individual approach to every project, large or small, so every project is under full control. We are prepared to coordinate our performance and serve as your contact person ready for and discussion, need, or requirement. All our drawings are made to meet your requirements (layers, dimension styles, layouts, details, CAD standards).

We can prepare technical drawings on basis of general project designs saved in any file format, printed or even prepared as extemporary sketches of designers.

Let’s Build Something

Nothing pleases us more than helping bring design changes and ideas to life.

Email our drafting team to set up an appointment with one of our home remodeling consultants.